Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations For Retrofits and New Construction

UMA Geotechnical Construction offers deep foundation structural support designs for a wide variety of new and existing structures. Our deep foundation contractors can handle all aspects of your deep foundation needs, from creating micropiles to utilizing underpinnings to anchor foundation techniques and more. Our underpinning contractors are always available to help you come up with the right solution to ensure your next building or project is structurally sound and supported. If you are interested in learning more about our geotechnical services, contact our team today!

Top-Rated Foundation Drilling Solutions

The team here at UMA is committed to handling foundation drilling for different situations involving deep foundation systems and pilings to make sure your project is as secure as possible. Our foundation drilling includes creating micropiles. Micropiles are great to use in structural support because they are cost-effective, can be installed in almost any ground solution, and can provide a high-load capacity at low total and permanent settlement. Here are some other benefits of using our foundation drilling solutions:

  • We are responsive to your project’s needs
  • We use quality products that last
  • We employ on-staff engineers to help at any stage of your project
  • Our dedication to safety reduces the risk for you and your team
  • Our employees treat your site with respect
  • & more!

To get started adding a deep foundation solution to your project, reach out to our team today!

Solid Underpinning Contractors For The Mid-West & Southeast

One of the most popular deep foundation solutions is underpinning foundations. Underpinning is the process of reinforcing or strengthening existing foundations. This service is often used to stabilize conditions where existing foundations settle, soil properties change, or nearby excavations cause foundation movement. The underpinning contractors at UMA can assist in creating micropiles, jacked piers, helical piers, or chemical grouting.

Our deep foundation contractors are also equipped to help with any emergency underpinning foundation needs your project may be experiencing, like heavy rainfall damaging a bridge or repair needed immediately to another infrastructure. We make sure that all our underpinning contractors are equipped and well-trained to tackle any deep foundation solution your project may need. You can rely on us to have the knowledge, experience, and tools to make your project safe and secure. Get in touch with our deep foundation contractors when you fill out an online form today!

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    For making sure that your industrial, commercial or residential project is structurally secure, there is no company as well-respected and trusted as UMA Geotechnical Construction. From micropiles and helical piers to underpinning foundations and limited access drilling, we have deep foundation contractors who can help make your project safe. Our foundation drilling can be installed through almost any ground condition, obstruction, or foundation and at any inclination. Our underpinning contractors have handcrafted all our deep foundation services to be cost-effective, completed quickly, and able to handle high-load capacities and weights. Make sure that your new building, bridge, or infrastructure has the structural support it needs to last generations with the help of UMA. Contact our team today to get started!

    Client Testimonials

    Fred Smith Company

    We’ve partnered on several interesting and unique state and municipal projects. In each case UMA has played a key role in helping us deliver excellence to project owners and the neighboring public. Their expertise in drilled foundations have played critical roles in completing projects successfully. We appreciate the relationship.

    Fred Smith Company

    Catlin Engineers and Scientists

    UMA responded very quickly to the needs of our project with the appropriate solution, and they provided the means and methods to implement that solution in a way that accommodated the complex site conditions.

    Catlin Engineers and Scientists

    City of Durham

    The City has worked on two larger projects with UMA. Both projects exceeded our expectations and were delivered on-time and on–budget. I would encourage anyone seeking soil and structure stabilization to consider UMA based on the successful projects they have delivered for the City of Durham.

    City of Durham