Terra‐Crete™ Engineered Cellular Fill

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UMA Geotechnical Construction is happy to offer void filling solutions to our clients in the form of Terra-Crete lightweight fill. Terra-Crete is your lightweight concrete fill solution for all backfill, large void fills, and countless other applications. This void filling solution is made of a highly flowable lightweight cementitious material that can be either placed or pumped with minimal labor. For fills that require specific compression strengths or specific wet or dry densities, Terra-Crete is your solution. Contact us today to get a free quote!

Terra‐Crete™: a Great Solution For Void Filling

Terra‐Crete™ is ideal for void filling around slip-lined pipes and can even be pumped into large voids such as tunnels. This concrete fill can be pumped long distances into tunnels or where the slipping of older infrastructure or new pipe placement has been completed. Terra‐Crete™ can displace water, and specifications can be controlled using variations in the formulation to provide for delayed or rapid setting and special handling characteristics. This material may be installed using a top-down method or as determined in the field. The concrete fill material will not separate like normal concrete mixes dropped into the void. Terra‐Crete™ will easily flow around obstructions to completely fill the hard-to-access areas. Terra‐Crete™ self-levels needing little to no compacting or spreading. It also requires no vibrating or tamping. Learn more about the void filling solutions at UMA Geotechnical Construction when you call today!

Why Terra‐Crete™ Concrete Fill?

Terra-Crete™ is a cost-effective concrete fill that can be formulated to be either pervious or non-pervious depending on your application. This low-density cellular concrete is an advantage if your void will be covered by a durable surface such as concrete or asphalt. With the capabilities to pump up to three miles in a continuous pour, it is perfect for pipe abandonment projects. UMA Geotechnical Construction is excited to offer Terra-Crete for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Let us help you determine if Terra-Crete is a good fit for your project.

There are many advantages to using Terra-Crete over traditional flowable fill. The main advantages of Terra-Crete for void filling are as follows:

Key Benefits

  • Designed for the specific site and soil conditions of each project
  • Flows easily into all spaces eliminating potential voids
  • Customizable to different densities and strengths as required by the specific application
  • Easy to excavate
  • Cost-effective fill solution
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Fill Your Voids with Terra‐Crete™ Today!

At UMA Geotechnical Construction, we are dedicated to providing reliable void filling solutions to our clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern U.S. Our Terra‐Crete™ lightweight fill is the most cost-effective way for filling large voids, backfills, and other applications. Since Terra-Crete is batched on-site, our team can adjust this concrete fill based on your site and soil conditions, different densities, and strength needs. No matter what Terra-Crete™ application we are providing for you, we work with you to formulate the best game plan and course of action. We have been in business for decades, so we are equipped and experienced to take on any sized project. Contact our team today to learn more about our Terra‐Crete™ lightweight fill solution!

Client Testimonials

Fred Smith Company

We’ve partnered on several interesting and unique state and municipal projects. In each case UMA has played a key role in helping us deliver excellence to project owners and the neighboring public. Their expertise in drilled foundations have played critical roles in completing projects successfully. We appreciate the relationship.

Fred Smith Company

Catlin Engineers and Scientists

UMA responded very quickly to the needs of our project with the appropriate solution, and they provided the means and methods to implement that solution in a way that accommodated the complex site conditions.

Catlin Engineers and Scientists

City of Durham

The City has worked on two larger projects with UMA. Both projects exceeded our expectations and were delivered on-time and on–budget. I would encourage anyone seeking soil and structure stabilization to consider UMA based on the successful projects they have delivered for the City of Durham.

City of Durham