Reliable Shotcrete Contractors Serving the Mid-Atlantic & Southeast Regions

Do you need help securing soil nail walls, tunnels, pools, or other forms of earth retention and structural support? Then the shotcrete contractors at UMA can help! At UMA Geotechnical Construction, we train our team on slope and soil stabilizing solutions, like shotcrete, to help better secure your project. Installing shotcrete walls on your project allows us to strengthen structural components like beams, columns, and connections. No matter if you are working on a residential, industrial, or commercial project, using shotcrete either temporarily or permanently can help. Contact us today to get a free quote on our shotcrete installation services!

Durable Shotcrete Walls To Secure Your Project

At UMA, we make it our priority to provide foundation support solutions for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Because of our commitment to excellent stabilization methods, our team is equipped to help you with your Shotcrete installation. From nozzlemen to robotic shotcrete spraying equipment, we have the equipment and manpower to handle your project. Shotcrete has proven to be an effective stabilizing solution and includes the following benefits:

  • Longevity- It can either be installed permanently or for a period of time during a project.
  • Versatility-It can be used on everything from soil nail walls to tunnels and repairing foundations.
  • Cost-effective shoring solution
  • Can be used in limited access and low headroom environments
  • Aesthetics- It looks like real concrete.
  • Durability- It increases bond strength, which can save you time and money on your construction project.
  • Requires little to no crane time
  • Many uses, including repairs and installations


As you can see, there are many benefits to using our shotcrete contractors to save you time and money on your earth retention project. If you are interested in learning more and getting a free quote, fill out an online form to get in touch!

Increase Project Stability With Fast & Effective Shotcrete Installation

When it comes to making sure your project is safe and secure, there is no team as experienced in quality shotcrete installation like UMA. We typically use shotcrete for the following applications:


You can trust our qualified team to come out to your property and help you with every aspect of your shotcrete needs. Our shotcrete contractors have worked on projects all across the United States, so we have the soil and structural knowledge needed to assist with projects both large and small. If you need our shotcrete shoring services, reach out today to claim your free estimate!

    Contact Our Shotcrete Contractors Today To Get Your Free Quote!

    When it comes to speeding up the slope stabilization process, there is no solution as affordable and effective as shotcrete. What sets our team apart as shotcrete contractors is our extensive knowledge and attention to detail. No matter if you need help with HDPR injections, micropiles, or shotcrete installation, we can do it all. Contact our knowledgeable team today to get a free quote on adding a shotcrete wall to your project!

    Client Testimonials

    Fred Smith Company

    We’ve partnered on several interesting and unique state and municipal projects. In each case UMA has played a key role in helping us deliver excellence to project owners and the neighboring public. Their expertise in drilled foundations have played critical roles in completing projects successfully. We appreciate the relationship.

    Fred Smith Company

    Catlin Engineers and Scientists

    UMA responded very quickly to the needs of our project with the appropriate solution, and they provided the means and methods to implement that solution in a way that accommodated the complex site conditions.

    Catlin Engineers and Scientists

    City of Durham

    The City has worked on two larger projects with UMA. Both projects exceeded our expectations and were delivered on-time and on–budget. I would encourage anyone seeking soil and structure stabilization to consider UMA based on the successful projects they have delivered for the City of Durham.

    City of Durham