High-Density Polyurethane Resin Injection

High-Density Polyurethane Injection For Non-Invasive Foundation Repair

At UMA, we are proud to be pioneers in deep soil improvement using our innovative high-density polyurethane injection technique. This advanced method utilizes polyurethane resin injection, a groundbreaking technology that enables us to seal leaky pipe joints, lift and level buildings, improve soil bearing capabilities, and more. No matter if you are working on a commercial, residential, municipal, or DOT project, this expanding polymer is the perfect solution for you.

Whether you need this soil injection for a complex geotechnical challenge or simply want to learn more about our geotechnical services and how they can benefit your project, we invite you to contact us today. Our team of experts is ready to help you achieve your goals with our deep foundation solutions!

Over 4,000 HDPR Soil Injections Completed By UMA

When it comes to soil injections, UMA has successfully completed over 4,000 HD polyurethane injection projects using our unique and innovative method. Our HDPR injection process is distinct in that it uses an expanding hydro-insensitive polymer that can be injected precisely at the soil strata depth you need, between 1/2″ and 3/4″ holes. Additionally, this expanding polymer allows us to make multiple injections at varying depths, allowing us to build vertical support columns that reach down 30 feet or more. Whether you are looking for fast results with assured soil stability on your construction project or simply want help stabilizing your soil, UMA can help. This process is specially formulated for our clients and is an excellent choice for a variety of applications such as slope stabilization, soil nailing, tiebacks, underpinning, and more. Contact our team today to learn more about how this soil injection can benefit your next construction project!

Advantages of Our Specially-Formulated Expanding Polymer

There are many advantages to the HD polyurethane injection tested and developed by UMA. Here are some reasons why our expanding polymer is better than our competitors:

  • No significant shrinkage or deterioration guaranteed
  • On-site soil testing and laser equipment accuracy
  • Lightweight system that is less than 10% the weight of cement grouts
  • Time needed for project completion is dramatically reduced
  • The cured polymer is environmentally neutral and won't contribute to pollution, leaching, and soil or water contamination.
polyurethane foam injection
HD polyurethane injection

Use Our High-Density Polyurethane Injection For Your Next Project!

As you can see, the high-density polyurethane resin injection is the ideal solution for correcting settlement problems in a wide range of contexts. Whether you are dealing with a poor base or soil compaction issues in your pipes, storm drains, sewers, or manholes, our team of soil injection experts has the expertise and experience to provide a customized solution that will effectively address all your needs. With the ability to precisely control the injection process and customize our injection grid patterns and hole sizes, we can ensure that your concerns are fixed quickly and efficiently. So contact us today for a free quote on our high-density polyurethane injections! We look forward to helping you achieve a stable foundation for your next project.

Client Testimonials

Fred Smith Company

We’ve partnered on several interesting and unique state and municipal projects. In each case UMA has played a key role in helping us deliver excellence to project owners and the neighboring public. Their expertise in drilled foundations have played critical roles in completing projects successfully. We appreciate the relationship.

Fred Smith Company

Catlin Engineers and Scientists

UMA responded very quickly to the needs of our project with the appropriate solution, and they provided the means and methods to implement that solution in a way that accommodated the complex site conditions.

Catlin Engineers and Scientists

City of Durham

The City has worked on two larger projects with UMA. Both projects exceeded our expectations and were delivered on-time and on–budget. I would encourage anyone seeking soil and structure stabilization to consider UMA based on the successful projects they have delivered for the City of Durham.

City of Durham