UMA Shores Up Failed Slope for TDOT

February 7, 2021

UMA Geotechnical Construction worked as a subcontractor on the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) CNT234 Project, which was an emergency slope stabilization on U.S. 70 (S.R. 1) in Cumberland County, Tennessee. This project required the construction of a soil nail wall, in combination with Stay-Form ® and vertically-reinforced Shotcrete facing.

Using top-down construction procedures, Team UMA created a soil nail wall on a 1:1 slope grade, progressing from the center line of the roadway down the failed slope. Once the soil had been excavated in lifts at a 1:1 inclination, we drilled soil nails into the excavation face and installed Shotcrete on the sloped surface.

Once we completed the initial slope stabilization using the battered soil nail wall, Team UMA installed a vertical face using Stay-Form ® technology. On the face of the form, we installed reinforced Shotcrete facing consisting of reinforcing steel, facing elements, drain strips, and extended soil nails to tie the vertical wall face to the existing battered Shotcrete layer.

The vertical secondary wall, which served as the permanent face of the repair, allowed TDOT to regain the shoulder previously lost during the slope failure. The new shoulder was constructed above the wall on fill placed between the back of the secondary wall and the front of the initial stabilization face.

This dynamic one-minute video will show you the wall and its construction from virtually every angle. When Mother Nature moves the earth, UMA is your first responder of choice.

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