HDPR Injection for Major Vehicle Manufacturer

HDPR Injection for Major Vehicle Manufacturer

Greer, South Carolina

UMA Geotechnical Construction has worked at the Greer, South Carolina plant multiple times, assisting with various problems. Our High-Density Polyurethane Resin (HDPR) Injection process was the go-to solution during every phase that required UMA’s assistance.

From bearing capacity increases to excavation stability, UMA’s HDPR Injection process met the General Contractor, Whiting-Turner’s, needs. At Hall 50, UMA injected over 300 injection locations at up to five levels below the slab. This HDPR soil matrix assisted Whiting-Turner with its 10-foot-deep excavation by supporting the surrounding slabs and foundations.

Another project at Hall 50 consisted of UMA injecting HDPR via deep injection for bearing capacity increases. This technique was used at three other locations on the Greer Campus due to loading increases caused by plant upgrades. This innovative process modifies the soil properties in-situ to allow for additional load without the need to mechanically underpin or widen the footing.

The HDPR material that UMA uses relies on surrounding confinement to gain strength. In open air, the material has an apparent density of roughly 4.5 pounds per cubic foot, resembling a hard version of the foam you would find in a seat cushion. When placed in the soil, the material’s expansive properties really shine. The material mixes with the surrounding soil by filling the pore space between the particles and creates a HDPR soil matrix similar to sandstone. The material can even resemble clear amber if placed in the right conditions.

UMA proved an invaluable tool for the general contractor and owner by providing a low-invasive means to an otherwise invasive project.