UMA’s Micropile Design-Build Supports University Gymnasium

UMA’s Micropile Design-Build Supports University Gymnasium

Winston Salem, North Carolina

UMA Geotechnical Construction designed and installed 2,380 linear feet of micropiles to support Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina for the Reynolds Gymnasium Transformation Project. Proving that we can adapt to the most challenging conditions in a Design-Build environment, we brought in a special access drill rig to work in low overhead, limited access conditions on the ground floor of this existing building.

UMA’s extensive Design-Build experience proved essential. The micropiles, designed to support a service load of 300 Kips, were connected to the existing columns on the bottom floor of the gym to support a new pool. One sacrificial pile was installed for testing and was tension tested to a maximum load of 600 Kips for safe measures.

The micropiles were composed of 7-inch casing for the full length and embedded a minimum of 15 feet into rock. The central reinforcement bar housed within consisted of #14 75 KSI epoxy coated threaded bar embedded a minimum of 23 feet into the pile.

UMA fabricated a special bracket to connect the micropile, which ensured the proper transfer of loads to the existing columns. The micropiles also contained shear rings on the top extension of casing, allowing more load to be transferred from the micropile to the existing footing. We then pumped grout around the pile and footing through an 8-inch core hole to connect the two.

Students and visitors at Wake Forest University can now swim safely knowing that the micropiles we designed and installed are well equipped to safely carry the load of the new pool.